Rotten, my blood is rotten and it's black! Wasted! My mind is never coming back! You think you wanna live? Well, you better think again! This hole is for the shit, that's all it's ever been! Unholy and rotten! Torture, that's all I have in sight! Disease! I hope you get it right! Unholy and rotten, that's what I am! Unholy and rotten--drink the blood of the lamb! Vile, the sick stench of decay! Evil, there is no other way!


Howdy! I'm Vash Bathory!

I'm in my mid-20s and live in Texas--this here's my first foray into coding and website-building in honor of the internet of yesteryear, may it rest in peace.

My interests include local punk, anime, thrash metal, and medieval re-enactment. For more information, click here!

I'm a historical fencer, a budding anthropologist, and a mentally ill, disabled fag with a mean streak a mile wide.

It's not unlikely that this will ETERNALLY be under construction, so please bear with me.

Have you seen this man?

Now you have!


Currently Watching: One Piece
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Currently Working On: This!
Currently Listening To: Midnight


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